Sarita Parikh

Sarita Parikh
Member of the Board of Directors

Sarita’s lived experiences growing up Indian American guided her passion for social, economic, and environmental justice and the recognition it’s all connected. Her commitment to addressing diversity, race, and equity, and belief in the role of regenerative business as a path to uplifting communities and creating change led her towards entrepreneurship.

She is the founder of Mind, Body, & Play Therapies, a physical therapy private practice focusing on creating optimum health and wellness. She is a co-founder of Glow + Gather, a retail lifestyle
and wellness brand that believes in social impact and sustainability.

From healthcare to retail, Sarita has 20 years of experience successfully starting and running companies committed to facilitating health, creating impact, providing mentorship, advocating for social, economic, and environmental justice, and building community. She serves on multiple non-profit boards and councils focusing on legislative advocacy, policy, healthcare equity, small business, disability rights, sustainability, and empowering diverse and inclusive communities.