Group of people standing on a sidewalk having a conversation

Join CCDC’s advocacy efforts

Join CCDC’s advocacy efforts

Group of people standing on a sidewalk having a conversation

Here, you’ll find tools to take action for disability equity!

Take action for a couple minutes – or a couple hours! Take action once – or over and over! Every action – big or small, simple or complex – is meaningful in the fight for disability rights.

2024 CCDC Disability House & Senate Bills

Take action on CCDC’s current campaigns

CCDC runs focused, shorter-term campaigns with needs that change rapidly, and we always need great people to help. Click here to learn more! Or keep scrolling this page for standing advocacy opportunities with CCDC!

Connect with elected officials and key decision-makers

Who makes decisions in our government that impact your life? Connect with them! Remember: Our officials work for us, and they need to hear from us in order to do their jobs! Consider trying any of the following: 

  • Visit an official’s website, and sign up for their emails/newsletters 
  • Follow an official on social media
  • Attend events an official may host  
  • Attend a public meeting like a city council meeting or a town hall
  • Email or call them to share your thoughts, or ask an official to meet with you in person to chat 

Looking for a specific Colorado state department or agency?
Here’s Colorado’s state directory of departments and agencies, including websites and contact information for each. 

Not sure which officials to contact?
Try this tool to find federal, state, and many local officials, including city council members. For most officials, you can also use this tool to email them, find their individual website, and their social media! 

Don’t know how to approach officials?
Contact us! We offer trainings to help people connect with decision-makers, or feel free to email us at with any questions you have!

Keep up-to-date on advocacy opportunities as a CCDC member

Do you know there are ongoing opportunities to give feedback about Medicaid directly to the department that oversees Medicaid? Or that our Governor’s administration often requests input about accessibility issues in Colorado? Want updates on how Colorado’s laws and policies impact disabled people? We’ll help with this and more when you join our membership!

It’s hard to keep track of all the ways we can share our experiences and advocate for services and programs we want to see. When you join CCDC as an official community member, we’ll send key information and opportunities straight to your inbox. Membership is completely free with no obligations – it’s simply an easy way to get meaningful resources delivered directly to you.

Become a CCDC Advocate

We’re always looking for community members who are invested in disability rights to join our advocacy work. Whether you’re new to the worlds of advocacy and/or disability or you’ve been involved for years, we invite you to join our advocacy efforts. Our advocates influence Colorado legislation and policy in a number of areas, including:  

  • Medicaid, including Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and Case Management Redesign 
  • Mental/Behavioral healthcare
  • Housing 
  • Transportation and public transit

To make lasting, meaningful change for Coloradans with disabilities as a CCDC advocate, please contact for more information.

Are you reading this between the months of January and May?!

If so, Colorado’s legislature is in session, and laws that will impact you are being proposed and passed right now!

CCDC is up on Capitol Hill every legislative session advocating for disability rights, and there are many ways we can help you influence our lawmakers no matter where you live in Colorado!

Click here now to find out more!