COMMERCIAL: New Issue Brief from RMHP --Listen to Those Who Do Not Hear

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on April 3, 2017 - 5:02pm


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Listen to those who don't hear: Colorado’s Deaf community demands equal and effective communication access 
You’re at a medical appointment, trying to explain your abdominal pain to the physician. She doesn’t understand you, and the more you try to communicate, the more impatient she becomes. You’ve asked for an interpreter, but your request was ignored. You’d probably want to walk out, right? But you are sick and need the care. So you suck it up.

That’s the situation many Deaf people face when they deal with the health care system. But that may be changing: In Colorado, members of the Deaf community are coming together to support and advocate for each other, and to educate providers. 


This issue brief features two members of Colorado's Deaf community; they explain the barriers to effective communication and offer insights into how practices can overcome those barriers. They are joined by a certified ASL interpreter.

  • Jana Glassmeyer, member, Larimer County Bridging Communication Group; advocate for Deaf community
  • Sandy Smith, member, Larimer County Bridging Communication Group; advocate for Deaf community
  • Jenny Miller, deaf services specialist with Disabled Resource Services; certified ASL interpreter

Download the issue brief here.

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