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Organizational Background

Atlantis Community, Inc (ACI) is a Center for Independent Living, as defined by state and federal regulations, which directs that it must be consumer controlled, community based and community responsive. ACI is a member of the National Council on Independent Living.


ACI advocates for all people with disabilities to be a meaningful part of an integrated community of their choice. Established in 1974 this Denver-­‐based non-­‐profit has a rich history and tradition of working effectively to support people with any type of disability – physical, mental, developmental, age-­‐related, or all of the above – by providing a wide range of programs and services.


ACI’s core values are:


·    Disability rights are civil rights.

·    All people with disabilities can live in and contribute to the community.

·    Independence is essential for quality of life.

·    Integration into society is our goal for all.

·    Services should be self-­‐determined and person-­‐centered.

·    Advocacy is an essential aspect of our mission.

·    Our relationship with ADAPT is more than historical, it is indivisible with our mission.

·    We operate with a sense of community and interdependence.


Atlantis Community, Inc enjoys a working and financial relationship with Atlantis Community Foundation, but is a separate and distinct entity.


Position Description

Reporting to the Board of Directors and in partnership with the staff, the Executive Director is responsible for overall leadership, planning and management necessary to effectively advance the mission of the ACI. While capitalizing on ACI’s rich history, mission-­‐driven culture and position of fiscal stability, the Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director who will help the organization evolve and grow in order to maximize its benefit in serving people with disabilities.


An effective Executive Director will demonstrate a passion for protecting the civil rights of people with disabilities and competence in the following areas:


·    Collaborative leadership

·    Community engagement and partnership building

·    Effective team development and management

·    Financial and operational management of complex programs

·    Execution of organizational growth strategies that honor and build upon the rich history and community-­‐centered culture of the organization


Primary Responsibilities

These are the major duties that the Executive Director is expected to execute or manage. This is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities associated with the job.

Strategic Leadership


·    Ensure organization’s programs, operations and activities are aligned with and advancing the vision, mission and values of Atlantis Community Inc. Inspire and support staff, Board, clients and partners to fulfill that mission.

·    In partnership with the Board and staff, implement the strategic plan (developed December 2015), setting and meeting specific objectives on clearly articulated timelines.

·    Keep abreast of industry trends and best practices in services supporting people living with disabilities.


Community Partnerships

·    Build positive awareness of Atlantis Community, Inc within the key communities that Atlantis works, including but not limited to: civil rights, housing, transportation, health care, education and job training and advocacy.

·    Cultivate and maintain strategic partnerships that help advance the mission of the organization, including partnerships with other non-­‐profit organizations, other Independent Living Centers, government agencies, Atlantis Community Foundation and other potential funders.

·    Contribute to positive public understanding of the important contributions that people living with disabilities make to our society and help reduce stigma.


Staff and Board Development, Management and Team Building

·    Nurture a culture of learning and continuous improvement at all levels of the organization and facilitate development and team building to ensure that everyone associated with ACI is maximizing their impact to advance the mission of the organization.

·    Establish a supportive and professional culture that promotes staff development though goal-­‐ setting, performance evaluation, training and professional development.

·    Strengthen organizational governance by supporting Board training, development and growth.


Facility and Program Management

·    In collaboration with Atlantis Community Foundation, lead efforts to revitalize the physical assets and reestablish the center as a community hub for supporting people living with disabilities.

·    Support efforts to improve program quality and establish a supportive evaluation framework to inform quality improvement.

·    Expand program reach with the specific goal of serving more people living with disabilities, including helping to develop new programs serving teens and older adults.


Financial Management & Compliance

·    Manage the organization’s finances, ensuring transparency and accountability for all aspects of the budget.

·    Ensure compliance with all reporting requirements associated with government and private funding sources and to maintain the organization’s good standing with the IRS.

·    Help grow and diversify revenue sources to support the organization.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


·    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Willingness to represent Atlantis Community Inc passionately and professionally in a broad array of settings.

·    Demonstrated effectiveness working in a client-­‐focused, community-­‐based service delivery organization.

·    Demonstrated ability to promote collaboration, teamwork and partnerships with internal (Board, staff) and external (government entities, other non-­‐profits) groups.

·    Understanding of and comfort working with government and private programs and services supporting people with disabilities.

·    Experience and comfort developing and executing advocacy strategies to advance change on behalf of individuals and across systems.

·    Experience with financial management, compliance and reporting for government-­‐funded programs and non-­‐profit organizations.

·    Familiarity and comfort using various technologies, including Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word and Excel)

·    Ability and willingness to travel to meetings and conferences in Colorado and the country, as required.

Required Qualifications


Candidates must demonstrate the following qualifications through their cover letter or resume to be considered for advancement in this process:


·    Bachelor’s Degree

·    Minimum 10 years work experience (public, private or non-­‐profit sector) in management positions, responsible for leading teams and complex projects.

·    Experience and knowledge working with the disability community, civil rights issues, social justice causes and/or non‐profit organizations.


Preferred Qualifications


Preference will be given to candidates that can demonstrate these qualifications:

·    Masters Degree or higher level of education in non-­‐profit management, public administration, social work or a related field.




Compensation will be commensurate with experience and aligned with market averages for Denver’s non-profit sector. Atlantis Community, Inc. offers health benefits and paid time off.

Application Process

Interested applicants should email:


·   Cover letter

·     Resume

·     Salary requirements

To atlantisEDsearch@gmail.com


Applicants may direct questions to atlantisEDsearch@gmail.com. We will endeavor to respond to all inquiries within 72 hours. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled; however, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so it is in an applicant’s best interest to submit their application quickly.



Atlantis Community, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages qualified, diverse candidates to apply.

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