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Getting Out the Vote (GOTV) is critical this year. We will be electing a President, legislators and more... and there are likely to be several important ballot initiatives.  CCDC does not endorse particular candidates because we are a nonpartisan 501c(3) nonprofit organization. 


We need your help this year!  We need you to talk to other people with disabilities (PWDs) and organizations that you know of which work with PWDs. Below is some information to assist you in feeling more confident that you are providing accurate information to others.


When is Election Day?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Who is eligible to vote?

Individuals are eligible to vote if they:

·         will be 18 years of age or older at the time of the next election,

·         are a United States citizen,

·         have resided in Colorado 22 days immediately before the election at which you intend to vote,

·         are not serving a sentence of confinement, detention, or parole for a felony conviction.

·         If you have a guardian or are in a nursing home or mental hospital you ARE ABSOLUTELY  still eligible to vote


How can I help another person know if they are registered?

This link from the Secretary of State website will help individuals register to vote or check to see if they are already registered, or change their address


When will mail in ballots be mailed?  Ballots are mailed 22 days before election day.


Where can ballots be returned? Your ballot must be received by 7pm on Election Day by your county clerk. Use this link to find your county clerk’s office and other places to drop off your ballot.


What if a person makes a mistake, damages, or loses a mail-in ballot?

You may request a replacement mail-in ballot from your county clerk.


When is the last day to register to vote?

Colorado law allows you to register to vote through Election Day.  But please note that how you register to vote matters.

      If you register to vote by mail or online through at least 8 days before an election conducted by your county clerk and recorder, the clerk will automatically mail you a ballot.

      If you register after the 8th day before an election conducted by your county clerk and recorder, you must visit one of the Voter Service and Polling Centers in your county to get a ballot.

      If you register to vote through a voter registration drive, your application must be submitted no later than 22 days before an election.

      You may register to vote by appearing in-person at a voter service and polling center through Election Day.

      CCDC encourages you to register as soon as possible.  If you moved since the last election remember to change your registration.


What are the benefits to you to voting?

People with disabilities and anyone who cares about us MUST vote if we want to preserve the rights we have gained and continue to integrate into the community.   Laws like the ADA happen because legislators know we vote and have to listen to us.   Once we have a law these laws are enforced by courts.   Courts can also weaken our laws if judges who do not believe in disability rights are appointed. The President appoints members to the Supreme Court and US Senators confirm these members.   The same process applies for all federal judges and the Governor appoints state court judges confirmed by the Colorado Senate.  The Supreme Court and all courts are imperative to enforcement of our laws and protections of programs like Medicaid and Social Security.   We need a President and Senators that support people with disabilities.

Voting is the most basic right and responsibility of all citizens.   It is easy.  If you do not vote you have no right to complain.   Justin Dart the Father of the American’s with Disabilities  Act said “vote as if your life depends on it ...because it does”   This has never been more true. 


I have another question?


Please email me, Dawn Howard, or call me 303-531-7333

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