CCDC Statement On Racist Violence In Charlottesville

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on August 14, 2017 - 11:42am




The Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition is saddened and angry that our country has come to a place where this unbridled hate and racism has been allowed to flourish as we have witnessed in Charlottesville this weekend.   

As a social justice organization committed to racial equity, we speak out in opposition to hatred of any type.   We are gravely concerned that any public official would even infer that the violence and hate, is caused by any group other than the known hate organizations such as the KKK and Neo Nazis.   People peacefully speaking out against hate did not cause this problem.  

As a disenfranchised population, we know that when a group that stands for hate rallies and says they are going to take back their country, meaning they do not think it is OUR country and are proudly making derogatory statements against African American's and Jews, that violence is not coming from any actions other than their own.  Blaming the oppressed for the consequences of oppression has been a tactic forever and it is not acceptable. 

While we are a disability rights organization in Colorado, we are ready to be allies to the people most directly affected.   We feel for those facing the hate directly in your own hometown.   You are in our thoughts.   If there are actions we can take here in Colorado to support you we will do so.   Please know that you are not alone, that decent American's of all races are angered and disgusted by the behavior of the racists.   People of all races, along with people with disabilities, people from the LGBTQ communities, women's groups, labor groups and others are the majority that will condemn this behavior and will stop it because OUR America is better than this.

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