Spring 2017 Advocacy Training Session



Spring 2017 Training Announcement


Advocacy Certification Training


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) and the University of Denver (DU) are excited to offer the following training session:


Introduction to Disability Benefits and Healthcare

Individual and Systems Advocacy Training and Certification



This training provides an excellent education for community activists or those looking for additional skills necessary to work in the field of disability services, advocacy, community organizing, the legislative process, or civil rights law.


WHEN:     Tuesdays, March 7, 2017, through May 2, 2017


Attendance in-person is recommended for all students.

There is an on-line option available. 

Elearning alternative: 


  • Weekly learning modules are completed during the same week as the scheduled in-person classes. However, you choose the time.
  • There is a mandatory weekly conference call held at a time agreed upon by the registered on-line students.
  • An approved site visit is required for graduation. 


WHERE:  In-Person classes are held at the University of Denver Campus.

2197 South University Boulevard

University Hall - Room #304

Denver, Colorado 80210



All topics are taught by practicing subject matter experts.

  • CCDC History, The CCDC Advocacy Team, and Advocacy in General 
  • Ethics and Principles of Advocacy, Advocates, navigating Local, State, and Federal Benefit Systems
  • Social Security (SSI and SSDI) Disability Eligibility, Application, and Determination
  • Medicaid – Disability Eligibility & Determination - The Affordable Care Act and Health Equity
  • Due Process, The Appeals Process for Benefits, Rule Making and Enforcement
  • Community and Grass Roots Organizing, Nonprofit and Regulatory Boards, The Legislative Process, and Future Elections
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) - Education, Employment, and Housing
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) - Requesting Reasonable Accommodation and  Disability and Public Transit 



Affiliate or Organization:

  • $500 per applicant
  • $250 for each additional applicant from the same organization.


CCDC Members:

  • $500 without volunteer hours
  • Free with a commitment of 120 volunteer hours (over the next 12 months) with the CCDC Advocacy Team (Scholarship application required)


Upon completing class requirements, graduates will be awarded a CCDC Diploma and/or 3 DU Continuing Education Units(CEU)*

*DU credit is optional and requires a separate application and fee.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Weekly attendance or completion of on-line module
  • Completion of weekly homework assignments
  • Passing quiz grade
  • Passing final exam grade
  • Attendance at an approved site visit


Registration deadline is Friday, February 17, 2017.

1. To register for the upcoming Spring 2017 Session:

      • Complete the Advocacy Training Registration Application (see instructions below)
      • Answer the questions on the Advocacy Training Information Form (page 2 of the application)
      • Complete the scholarship application (if appropriate)
      • Email all completed documents to Sheryle Hutter at shutter@ccdconline.org

2. Sheryle will contact you with additional details or request for information (including any registration fee submission, remote access instructions, etc.) upon receiving your application.


  • Acceptance and willingness to undergo a criminal background check will be required to volunteer with the CCDC Advocacy Team
  • Having a criminal background does not disqualify you as a volunteer
  • Unless there is an emergency, students registered for a CCDC Disability Advocacy Class must cancel 24 hours before the first day of class, or there is a $25 cancellation fee
  • Refunds for withdrawing after the start of the session are calculated on a pro-rated basis
  • CCDC is unable to provide reimbursement for mileage, hotel accommodations, long distance charges, food, etc. for anyone attending the training


 CCDC Advocacy Training is made possible by through partnerships with the following organizations:

  • The University of Denver, University College
  • The Gill Foundation
  • Mile High Connects

A full list of CCDC Sponsors are found at http://www.ccdconline.org/get-involved/donors/annual-award-sponsors 




  • Click on the document you wish to save (It will open in a new window)
  • Right-click the open document and choose "save as..."
  • IMPORTANT: Rename the document with your last name, first name and 2017Spring (example: NevinAngela2017Spring)
  • Open the saved file with Acrobat Reader
  • You will be able to complete the form on your computer
  • To sign your name, simply type your name into the signature line and date the form (by choosing to submit the application, your typed name will act as your signature)
  • Email all completed documents to Sheryle Hutter at shutter@ccdconline.org

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