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Volunteering at CCDC is the experience of a lifetime, you will emerge with a vastly richer knowledge and skill set.  Many individuals who began volunteering at CCDC now have paid employment as a result of the skills they develop.  However, many people also choose to remain at CCDC volunteering for years, even decades because of the intense satisfaction.   We hear on a regular basis sentiments such as "volunteering at CCDC gave me my life back" or "I used to feel powerless and alone and now I am part of making real change that will help thousands of people with disabilities."  Most volunteers come to us because they experienced discrimination directly or through a family member.  They generally want to "do something" to make sure that their experience with the system is not repeated.  

CCDC offers a variety of opportunities:  We provide initial and ongoing training for our volunteers.   Volunteers can become involved assisting individuals who encounter problems with government programs or service providers, represent the organization on policy making boards or committees, engaging in citizen lobbying, organizing events or assisting with events, and much more.  

CCDC also seeks people with specific skills including website management, medical professionals, attorneys and experts in specific areas to provide pro bono or low cost services.  

CCDC encourages most volunteers to take the advocacy training class, which gives an overview of the organization and the areas in which we work.  Please contact Sheryle Hutter <> to learn about the next opportunity for a class.  We occassionally make individual arrangements for training and orientation for people who live far away for for whom the advocacy class is otherwise not possible.  


Please see our Volunteer Opportunities Page for more information.


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