Q: How soon can you help me?

A: CCDC is not staffed to handle emergencies or walk-ins. Depending on the program, a return phone call can take up to ten business days and calling back during this time will not speed up the response time. Repeat calls for the same issue cause time delays for staff when processing existing requests. If it is determined that we are able to take your case, you will be required to complete an intake process and apply for membership before we can assist you. Thank you for your patience!


Q: What is the best way to contact you?

A: Please use our Contact Us page.


Q: How do I get assistance?

A: Please use our Contact Us page.


Q: How can we arrange for speakers or training from your organization?

A: For questions about arranging training for your company, or to arrange for a speaker, please email Julie Reiskin - Executive Director.


Q: What type of training does the Colorado Cross-Disability Coaltion offer?

A: The Colorado Cross-Disability Coaltion offers several types of trainings to all sizes of for and not for profit businesses.  We are able to customize trainings to your organization's needs.  Please see our CCDC Consulting and Training Services page. For further information please contact Julie Reiskin.

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