CCDC Opposes the Physician Assisted Suicide Bill (HB 15-1135) -- Express your Opinion!

02/02/2015 (All day) - 02/07/2015 (All day)

Here are the members of the committee that will hear the assisted suicide bill on Friday. The bill will be heard this Friday 2/6/15, so if you want to send personal messages it is best to do so sooner rather than later.   Please let them know that you are either a member of CCDC or that you were referred by CCDC. Representative Ginal is the sponsor, so please be respectful in expressing your opinion. Tap the link to go to the legislative web pages where you can either call the phone number or send and email.  


Committee Members

Dianne Primavera, Chair

Jonathan Singer, Vice-Chair


Kathleen Conti


Janak Joshi


Dominick Moreno


Jessie Danielson


Jon Keyser


Max Tyler


Justin Everett


Lois Landgraf


JoAnn Windholz


Joann Ginal


Jovan Melton




Staff Contact:  Elizabeth Burger  *  Phone: (303) 866-6272

Event Date: 
02/02/2015 (All day) - 02/07/2015 (All day)
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