CCDC Comments on SLS/CDASS Expansion --By Julie Reiskin

02/05/2015 (All day) - 03/31/2015 (All day)

These are the official comments of the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition.  


1.       The cost of personal care services should not be included in the cap created by the Service Plan Authorization Limit or the SLS Waiver Cap.  It must be funded separately.

2.       The CDASS service delivery option should include respite services.  (If you want to consumer direct your respite services please make it a point to explain the benefit it would have for you or your family member.  This is the one additional service in the SLS waiver that should have no complications to implement a consumer directed option.  The expenditures for the Respite Services would be included in the SLS plan and under the Service Plan Authorization Limit (funding cap).)   

3.       Protective oversight should be added to the definition of personal care.  Protective Oversight is, “when the client requires supervision to prevent or mitigate disability related behaviors that may result in imminent harm topeople or property.”

4.       All HCBS-SLS services should have a consumer directed option as opposed to limiting CDASS to three services.

5.       People using the CDASS option should be able to choose their Case Management Agency.  This should not be limited to just the Community Centered Board Case Management and should include SEP and private case management services that contract with HCPF.

6.       Transparency of CDASS and HCBS-SLS Service Utilization must be built in the waiver amendment.- Request DIDD implement standard operating procedures that require both Case Management and Approved Service Agencies to provide current to date expenditure statements to waiver participants.



Event Date: 
02/05/2015 (All day) - 03/31/2015 (All day)
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