A Call for Action -- Help Protect Medicare Part D Benefits!

03/26/2015 (All day) - 03/27/2015 (All day)

Dear CCDC Friends and Advocates:


Last night an amendment to the budget bill in Congress was filed that did not have full review and consumer input regarding Medicare Part D. We ask that you encourage a full review and transparent process before sweeping policy like this is made.  Please contact Senator Bennet and Senator Gardner and let them know your concern. The contact for Senator Bennet's office is Rohini Kosoglu and her email is rohini_kosoglu@bennet.senate.gov Senator Gardner's staff contact is Curtis Swager and his email is curtis_swager@gardner.senate.gov.



Below is a suggested cut and paste letter.


Dear Senator_____________:


On behalf of Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, I am contacting you regarding the Senate Budget amendment SA 921 filed last evening by Senator Reed to be possibly voted on today. As you know, there is strong support for the Medicare Part D program in Colorado and across the nation. This amendment would drastically change how Medicare Part D works. Late night amendments are not a good way to make policy and this should be reviewed more before taking action. A major policy issue should be done through a full bill with debate and consumer input.




Your name here.


Event Date: 
03/26/2015 (All day) - 03/27/2015 (All day)
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