CCDC's Virtual Suggestion Box for CCDC Members

Dear Members:

CCDC wants to hear from you!!!  The Program Committee of the CCDC Board of Directors’ has the charter to support sustainability and enhance effectiveness by supporting the development of programs that support the CCDC  mission.  Our mission is to advocate for social justice for people with all types of disabilities.  They further strive to develop policies
and evaluation tools for the advocacy arm of the organization to enhance our ability to make data driven decisions.

In that vein, they are opening a VIRTUAL SUGGESTION BOX as of June 01, 2012.  We will pilot this for six months.  Here is how it will work.

Any CCDC member can send a suggestion, comment, complaint, commendation, thought, feeling about any aspect of CCDC individual or systemic advocacy to

Your email will be forwarded to a member of this committee.   At our monthly meeting we will review all comments received and determine an appropriate response.  We might learn that there are holes in our system we need to fix, we hope we will hear what we are doing right, and we might catch problems that are not systemic but maybe individual situations that
fall through the cracks so we can fix any unintentional errors.   We will be tracking these and will evaluate on a monthly and semi-annual basis.

If there is a lot of interest we may hold town hall meetings.    We will respond to you after our meeting.  We meet the third Friday of each month. So—please share your thoughts.   While we want to hear from everyone we are especially interested in hearing from people who have received individual advocacy services, participated in any CCDC training or outreach events or are part of any coalition working on systems change with CCDC.

Members of the program committee include:

Brian Binford, Chair-CCDC Board Member
Christina Johnson, CCDC Board Vice President
Sablan, CCDC Lead Advocate, Volunteer
Amy Smith, CCDC Board Member
James Tucker, CCDC Board Member
Josh Winkler CCDC Board Member
Julie Reiskin CCDC Executive Director provides staff support to the committee

Please submit all comments you want considered by the organization to not to individual members of the committee.  We can only track and respond to emails sent to this email box.

CCDC is a membership organization and as a member YOUR VOICE MATTERS.

If your situation involves an active advocacy case, please make sure you are communicating with your assigned advocate or if you are having a problem or difficulty with your advocate contact Peter DeHaas the advocacy coordinator.  This email is just for process improvements and suggestions and many advocacy cases have deadlines.  We only are able to review these
comments monthly and this is not a place to address problems that are time sensitive.

We are excited to use your ideas to improve our advocacy program, both individual and systemic advocacy as we fulfill our mission of advocating for social justice for people with all types of disabilities.

Donna Sablan,  Committee Liaison for June and July  (insert different
names for following months
Program Committee Member
Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition
655 Broadway Suite 775
Denver, CO 80203
303-839-1775 phone
303-839-1782 fax website email

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