Brush Housing Authority


Anne-Marie Mokritsky-Martin v. Brush Housing Authority, 2011cv11


Plaintiff Anne-Marie Mokritsky-Martin filed an application requesting Brush Housing Authority show cause why it should not be required to produce or make available documents requested under the Colorado Open Records Act. 


The Court ordered a hearing.  BHA asked for more time.  On January 31, 2011, The Court ruled as follows:

The February 8, 2011 hearing is continued, but under CORA, need not be continued to a date following the C.R.C.P. deadline for filing an answer or other response to the Complaint. Further, even if the governmental unit aims to deny a CORA request, it is incumbent upon the government to at least respond to the request, and, if the Plaintiff's Complaint is to be credited, Brush has never done so. Thus, the Show Cause Hearing should be held within ten days.

The hearing was once again moved.  It is now scheduled for June 13, 2011.

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