Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink


Orozco, et al. v. Mink, 10-cv-1934-DME-BNB


Lakewood Police Department failed to provide effective communication on two occasions when arresting Plaintiff Anna Orozco. During the arrest and interrogation, Ms. Orozco was never provided a sign language interpreter. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (“JCSO”) operates the detention facility where Plaintiffs were detained. JCSO has never provided appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including sign language interpreters, to any deaf detainee.


Plaintiffs reached a settlement agreement with the City of Lakewood, and its Police Department. The settlement requires the Police Department to adopt and implement the Department of Justice’s Model Policy for Law Enforcement on Communicating with People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. See The City of Lakewood will also pay $30,000 to resolve damages and attorneys’ fees claims.

Plaintiffs reached a settlement with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department regarding deaf inmates at the Jefferson County Detention Facility (“JCDF”). Among other requirements, the Sheriff must offer and provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services, including qualified sign language interpreters to deaf inmates who need them. It requires payment of damages to Plaintiffs Anna Orozco and Leonid Rabinkov and payment of damages, fees and costs to CCDC.

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