Swedish Medical Center


CCDC, et al. v. Healthone LLC d/b/a Swedish Medical Center, 10-cv-01646-CMA-CBS


Plaintiff Daisy Midthun is deaf and has received emergency services from Swedish Medical Center ("Swedish").  Ms. Midthun repeatedly requested a sign language interpreter so that she could understand the details of her medical treatment and ask questions.  She spent over 24 hours at Swedish, but a sign language interpreter was never provided.


U.S. District Court Judge Christine Arguello approved a consent decree requiring Swedish Medical Center to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services to patients who are deaf or hard of hearing.  This Court order resulted from a settlement negotiated between CCDC Legal Program and attorneys for Swedish.  CCDC is very pleased that Swedish and its parent company, HCA / Health One LLC, will follow their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act with respect to the deaf community and hope that other hospitals and medical facilities will join in insuring that all patients are provided with effective communication during medical treatment. 

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