Gigi's Wigs & Beauty Supply, McHenry-Edrington et al. v. Taek J Yi, 17-cv-01103-KMT


Plaintiffs Michelle McHenry-Edrington and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition("CCDC") filed a lawsuit on May 4, 2017, against Taek J Yi, who is alleged to be the owner and operator and does business as Gigi's Wigs & Beauty Supply (Gigi's"). located at 757 Peoria Street, Unit F in Aurora, Colorado. The issue in this case is that Ms. McHenry-Edrington alleges that Mr. Yi prevented her from purchasing merchandise in GiGi's because she had a dog with her.


The Complaint was filed on May 4, 2017. On July 25, 2017 Plaintiffs filed a motion to dismiss their claims. Both parties have resolved their claims against Gigi's Wigs & Beauty Supply. The resulting settlement agreement is attached below.

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