Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Lawson et al. v. Justin Smith, 15-cv-02076


Lawson et al v. Justin Smith, 15-cv-02076


This case addresses the Larimer County Sheriff's Office's refusal to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services for a deaf couple. Despite repeated requests, both individuals were denied effective interpreters. 


On September 21, 2015 the Lawsons filed suit against Justin Smith, in his official capacity as the Sheriff of Larimer County, Colorado. The Complaint is posted below. 

Plaintiffs were contacted by the Assistant United States Attorney's Office, informing us that they were interested in this case and that there was another complainant. Plaintiffs' counsel have been working with that office and opposing counsel on a settlement agreement in an effort to resolve the case. 

This case has been settled. Plaintiffs' counsel worked with the United States Attorney to reach a settlement with respect to injunctive relief. Plaintiffs accepted an Offer of Judgment to resolve the damages and attorneys' fees and costs claims.

See documents below.


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