Renaissance Festival


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, et al. v. Rocky Mountain Festivals, Inc., Civil Action No. 02-M-1306 (CBS)


The Colorado Renaissance Festival, located on a hillside in Larkspur, Colorado, is open to the public during weekends in the summer. The Festival depicts Renaissance themes, clothing, arts and crafts. Despite complaints over the years, most of the booths where crafts are sold are inaccessible to people who use wheelchairs, the terrain of the Festival and the parking area are completely inaccessible in places, and service counters are unreachable. The Festival site is an "existing facility" under the ADA, but much can be done to improve access for Festival-goers who use wheelchairs.


Plaintiffs filed their complaint on July 10, 2002. The parties reached a settlement in June 2004. If you would like a copy of the settlement, please contact CCDC.

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