Boulder County Sheriff's Office


Longdo v. City of Longmont, Colorado, et al, 15-cv-01370


This lawsuit addresses problems a deaf individual, Mr. Sean Longdo, has had obtaining effective communication and sign language interpreters from law enforcement. On multiple occasions, he has tried to complete police reports with the Longmont Police Department but was prevented from doing so or delayed significantly because of lack of sign language interpreters. Mr.  Longdo was also arrested, at least in part, based on a gross misunderstanding on his signs by Longmont PD officers, who arrested him without providing any interpreters.


A Complaint, a copy of which is included here, was filed in Federal District Court on June 26, 2015. A press release is also included here to notify the public of this lawsuit. 

The Longmont Police Department settled with Mr. Longdo and agreed to provide interpretive services to members of the public and detainees as provided in the settlement agreement (posted below). Media coverage is also posted below. The Longmont Police Department was dismissed from the case on March 23, 2016; the Order is posted here. 

On May 23, 2016, Boulder County Sheriff's Office settled with Mr. Longdo and has agreed to provide inmates, detainees, and others with access to qualified sign language interpreters and other axillary services to ensure effective communication. See this article for more information about the case and settlement brought forth by CCDC's Legal Program:

On July 8, 2016, CCDC filed a motion for our Attorneys' Fees and Costs. Boulder County Sheriff's Office replied On July 27, and CCDC submitted our reply to their response on August 12. Honorable Judge Richard P. Matsch entered judgment in favor of Plaintiff Sean Longdo and against Boulder County Sheriff's Office, for $32,788.80 in attorneys' fees and $3,281.70. The Order is attached below. 

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