Point-of-Sale Devices


We, in conjunction with the Martinez Law Group and the National Federation of the Blind, are investigating a number of entities that have not yet installed tactile keypads for their check-out (point-of-sale) devices. Those customers who are blind or visually impaired are barred from using their debit cards safely because they cannot securely enter their PIN numbers. We are conducting ongoing testing at a number of sites across the state and in several other states. 


We have filed suit against Petsmart, Build-A-Bear, and J.Crew (see Petsmart, IncBuild-A-Bear, and J.Crew Group, Inc. on our Current Cases page).

Related News:

Schurman Fine Papers, Inc (otherwise known as Papyrus) is collaborating with the NFB to better serve its blind customers. As an example of Schurman's commitment to its blind customers, Schurman uses only POS Devices with tactile keypads that are discernible to the blind. 

The Children's Place is collaborating with the NFB to better serve its blind customers and has installed a Verifone MX915 POS Device with an integrated tactile keypad at each of its POS terminals in each of its stores nationwide. The full agreement between the parties is posted below. 

Williams-Sonoma is collaborating with the NFB and CCDC to better serve its blind customers. 

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