Lakeside Amusement Park


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, et al v. Krasner Amusement Co., 1:15-cv-00925-RPM


In August of 2014, Domino Service Dogs, several individuals who utilize service dogs and their associates visited Lakeside Amusement Park for the purpose of enjoying the park and training the dogs in a new environment. After purchasing tickets, they were prevented from boarding the Train attraction available at Lakeside, even though there was sufficient space for the dogs to ride, and even though these individuals depend upon their dogs for a variety of essential activities.


On April 30, 2015, the Complaint was filed in United States District Court of Colorado against Krasner Amusement Company, the Town of Lakeside, Colorado and the Town of Lakeside, Colorado Police Department.  A video of this incident is available at this link ( A text version of the media release can be found at this link (

On November 9, 2015, a Stay of Discovery was granted for the Parties to pursue settlement discussions. On August 4, the Court issued an order for a Status Report. On August 10, both parties submitted a Joint Status Report. The status report is posted below. 

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