Red Rocks


Williams v. The City and County of Denver, Colorado, et al., 99-D-1193 (D.C. Colo. 1999)


The City and County of Denver owns and operates scenic and historic Red Rocks amphitheater; although the amphitheater provides wheelchair seating, it provides no parking at all adjacent to the front row wheelchair seating area; the City refused to let people who use wheelchairs park in the only parking lot near that seating area and required that they be dropped off by someone else.


Plaintiffs entered into a Consent Decree with the City and County of Denver with monitoring and enforcement provisions. That Consent Decree was approved by the Court on October 6, 2000. According to the Consent Decree, people who use wheelchairs could park in accessible parking spaces at the Trading Post lot below, and Red Rocks staff provided an accessible shuttle service to the front row wheelchair seating area. The City seeks to change this policy this concert season, and the parties are negotiating the terms of an Amended Consent Decree. In the 2003 concert season, accessible parking for the front row wheelchair seating area has been moved from the Trading Post Parking lot to the Upper South Lot. Event staff should direct patrons who need accessible parking to this lot. Until the Amended Consent Decree is finalized, all other terms and conditions of the original Consent Decree remain in place.

Throughout the 2003 concert season the City has routinely violated the Consent Decree. CCDC has reached agreement with the City on the terms of the Amended Consent Decree and have reached resolution on payment of liquidated damages and fees that resulted from the Consent Decree violations during the 2003 concert season.

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