Behavior Services of the Rockies


CCDC, et al. v. Behavior Services of the Rockies, 1:15-cv-00553-WYD-NYW


Behavior service providers are required under current laws to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services to individuals directly receiving services, including providing these auxiliary aids to parents of minor children receiving services. CCDC, along with Plaintiffs Kirstin and Peter Kurlander, on behalf of themselves and their minor child, allege that Behavior Services of the Rockies failed to provide these services to Kirstin Kurlander, who is deaf, and then terminated services as a direct result of their own discrimination.


The CCDC Legal Program filed a Complaint against Behavior Services of the Rockies on behalf of all Plaintiffs on March 17, 2015. Pleadings in this case and court orders and another accessible version of the media release may be found at Media Release.

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