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If you have had problems getting qualified sign language interpreters from the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, please contact CCDC's Legal Program Assistant, Tram Ha at (303) 660-8254 or


CCDC has filed suit against Tony Spurlock, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Douglas County, for not ensuring effective communication for individuals who are deaf and not providing qualified sign language interpreters when requested. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are Timothy Chevalier, Jodie Adams-Chevalier, Zachary Engstler, and Carter Engstler. On November 2, 2014, the Mr. Chevalier was assaulted and suffered serious injuries as a result of that assault. Mrs. Adams-Chevalier and Zachary are deaf, whereas Carter and Mr. Chevalier are hearing. Douglas County deputies responded to the family's 911 call and transported Mr. Chevalier to the hospital after. For the duration of the deputies' visit to the home of the Chevaliers, and at the hospital, the family was not provided with a sign language interpreter. Mr. Chevalier, who was injured and medicated, and Carter, who was 9 years old at the time, were forced to interpret for the deaf members of their family while being questioned by the Dougas County deputies. 

On November 1 2016, CCDC filed suit against Tony Spurlock, in his official capacity as Sheriff of Douglas County, alleging his failure to ensure effective communication for Plaintiffs. That complaint is attached below. 

The Sheriff responded with a Motion to Dismiss, which is also attached below.

On January 20, 2017, Plaintiffs amended the complaint and added CCDC as a plaintiff in the matter. The Court accepted the Amended Complaint. The Amended Complaint is attached below. 

Defendant's filed a Motion to Dismiss Class Action Amended Complaint on February 24, 2017, which is attached below. Plaintiffs filed a response on March 24, 2017, attached below. Defendant's Reply of their Motion to Dismiss is attached below.

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