RTD Light Rail, Reiskin et al. v. RTD, 14-cv-03111-REB-KLM


Reiskin, et al. v. RTD, 14-cv-03111-REB-KLM


Plaintiffs alleged RTD light rail trains do not provide the required space to allow at least two persons using the wheelchair or other mobility aid to access the train and have sufficient room to get to and sit without interfering with the maneuvering space of others getting on and off the train.


On July 10, 2017, the Court granted Plaintiffs' Unopposed Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement Agreement. At long last, we have reached a settlement agreement in this case that has been approved by the Court. Please watch for upcoming information concerning what to do if you have a complaint about any of RTD's services (light rail, fixed route bus, commuter rail, Access-a-Ride or any other accessibility issues related to RTD services). It is very important that you follow the complaint procedure carefully. Thank you all for bringing this important case.

Available Documents

2014.11.18 #1 Class Action Complaint
2015.02.06 #19 Motion to Dismiss
2015.02.06 #20 Answer and Counterclaim
2015.02.17 #22 Plaintiffs' Motion for Leave to File Amended Class Action Complaint
2015.02.19 #29 Order
2015.02.19 #30 Amended Class Action Complaint
2015.03.04 #39 RTD Motion for Partial Dismissal
2015.03.05 #41 RTD's Motion to Stay Discovery
2015.03.10 #43 Motion for Leave to File Second Amended Class Action Complaint
2015.03.25 #47 Response to Motion for Partial Dismissal
2015.03.26 #50 Response to RTD's Motion to Stay Discovery
2015.04.08 #51 Defendants Reply in Support of Motion for Partial Dismissal
2015.05.21 #55 Second Amended Class Action Complaint
2015.05.21 Order Granting Leave to File Second Amended Complaint and Denying Defendant's Motions as Moot
2015.06.19 #65 Third Amended Class Action Complaint
2015.06.29 #67 Dft Mtn for Summary Judgment
2015.06.30 #69 Dft Answer to 3rd Amended Cpt
2015.07.09 #71 Pls' Cross-Mtn for Summary Judgment
2015.11.09 #101 RTD Response to Pls' Mtn for Summary Judgment
2015.12.27 #104 Pls' Mtn to Strike Expert Witness
2015.12.27 #105 Pls' Mtn for Declaratory Judgment
2015.12.29 #107 Pls' Reply in Support of Mtn for Summary Judgment
2016.02.23 #123 Order
2016.10.31 Final RTD - Light Rail Settlement Agreement (with exhibits)
2016.11.14 #151 Motion for Certification of a Class for Settlement Purposes Only and Preliminary Approval of Class Settlement Agreement
2016.11.14 #151-1 Exhibit 1 - Class Settlement Agreement and Exhibits
2016.11.14 #151-2 Exhibit 2 - Kevin Williams Declaration
2016.11.14 #151-3 Exhibit 3 - Andrew Montoya Declaration
2017.04.03 Preliminary Approval Order
2017.04.26 Press Release
2017.06.09 Motion for Attorneys' Fees
2017.06.26 Motion for Final Approval
2017.11.07 #159 Order Granting Plaintiffs' Unopposed Motion for Final Approval of Class Action Settlement Agreement, , Plaintiffs' Unopposed Motion for Reasonable Attorneys' Fees and Costs and Entry of Judgment of Dismissal with Prejudice
Notice of Class Settlement Agreement
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