Rose Medical Center


Zapko, et al. v. HCA-Healthone, LLC d/b/a Rose Medical Center, 14-cv-02891-RM-MEH


Ronald Zapko and John Towery of both deaf. In emergencies, and for other reasons, they use Rose Medical Center as their hospital. On more than one occasion, they have been denied appropriate auxiliary aids and services in the form of qualified sign language interpreters during visits to Rose Medical Center in violation of the ADA.


The Lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court of Colorado on November 23, 2014. The Complaint that was filed in this lawsuit is available here. The case has been settled, under which Rose Medical Center has improved its policies, practices and procedures related to the provision of appropriate auxiliary aids and services to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. A joint press release and media coverage have been posted below. 

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