City of Colorado Springs / Front Range Express (FREX)


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, et al. v. City of Colorado Springs, Civil Action No. 04-N-2621 (CBS)


The City of Colorado Springs operates the Front Range Express a.k.a. FREX bus service between Fountain, Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock and Denver. The City purchased used buses for the service without making a good faith effort to purchase buses with lifts. Most of the FREX buses do not have lifts. While individuals without mobility impairments can simply stand at a bus stop and board when the bus comes, FREX requires wheelchair users to call 48 hours in advance to ride.


There was a concurrent FTA complaint about the bus service. In July 2005 the FTA agreed with CCDC that the FREX service is a fixed-route service and the city had an obligation to make good-faith efforts to purchase accessible buses. The lawsuit was settled in August 2005.

Media Coverage

12/22/2004Rocky Mountain News"Suit filed over FREX wheelchair accessibility"
12/21/2004Denver Business Journal"Disability group sues new bus service"
08/28/2005The Denver Channel, KMGH Denver News 7 ABC"FREX buses will become wheelchair-accessible"
08/28/2005Grand Junction Sentinel"Front Range Express agrees to make buses wheelchair-accessible"
08/28/2005Colorado Springs Gazette"FREX buses will become wheelchair-accessible"
08/29/2005Denver Post"FREX to make all buses accessible by wheelchair"
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