City of Boulder and Macerich


David Lesserman, et. al. v. City of Boulder, et. al. , D.C. Colo., Civil Action No. 06-cv-02019-WYD-MEH


After years of trying to get the City Boulder to make newly designed and constructed sidewalks accessible, David Leserman had to file a lawsuit. Mr. Leserman uses a scooter or manual wheelchair and can't get around on Boulder's inaccessible sidewalks. The lawsuit alleges that the City of Boulder designed and constructed several new sidewalks and bus stops that fail to comply with the ADA requirements. Also, the City gave permission to Macerich Twenty Ninth Street, LLC, the developer of the new "29th Street" project to design and construct more inaccessible sidewalks.


The Complaint was filed on October 10, 2006. Plaintiffs reached settlements with both defendants.

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