Capitol Heights Apartments


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition, et al. v. Emanuel Grant Company, LLC, et al., Case Number: 02-CV-7827 (Denver District Court)


Newly-constructed apartment complex has units that do not comply with Fair Housing Act requirements. Common area fail to comply with Fair Housing Act access requirements. In addition, tenant of apartment complex who uses a wheelchair and is deaf/blind requested modifications to policies based on her disability that were denied. In addition, Defendants retaliated against Plaintiff after she complained about these violations. This case also raises ADA Title III public accommodations issues, because the building leases to several businesses that are open to the public.


Plaintiffs filed their complaint in Denver District Court on November 8, 2002. On November 21, 2003 a Consent Decree was approved by the Judge. For a copy of the Consent Decree, contact CCDC.

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