We Need YOU!

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Are you afraid of what will happen if your Medicaid is cut?

Did you read about ADAPT members being arrested and wish you could be part of a group making a difference?

Are you waiting for an invitation to become involved?

Let me tell you about two groups made up of ordinary people who have disabilities. You may already know of both groups, but don't know how to become involved. Both groups accept ordinary individuals who are ready to learn, be team players and sometimes be courageous in unusual ways!!


Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) works for social justice for all people with disabilities in housing, transportation, healthcare (Medicaid HCBS, CDASS), employment, and education.  For twenty-seven years CCDC has worked to promote social justice in Colorado. CCDC offers a 9-week advocacy class (in person & online formats available). For more information call Dawn Howard 303-531-7333. We welcome all people who want to be involved.  To sign up for free membership, please click Free CCDC Membership  


ADAPT also works for social justice for people with disabilities. This organization has a thirty-nine-year history of working on single issues which impact people with significant disabilities. ADAPT started here in Denver in 1983. First ADAPT worked to make public transit systems across America accessible to people who used wheelchairs, this was achieved after the 1990 Capitol Crawl got the ADA pushed through. Since 1990 ADAPT has worked to ensure those who need Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) have access to those services through Medicaid. Currently, ADAPT is fighting to prevent the passage of the healthcare bill (BCRA) being considered in the US Senate that would decimate Medicaid. Non-violent civil disobedience is the ADAPT tactic most people are familiar with, but you don’t have to be arrested to be an ADAPT member. ADAPT needs writers, photographers, fundraisers, organizers, and activists. Call Dawn Russell 303-884-1471 and check out http://www.denveradapt.org for more information.


We need YOU!

We need you to be involved! It takes ALL of us to make Colorado the best state for People with Disabilities to live! Together we can improve our lives and the lives of thousands of Coloradans. You can join both Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition and ADAPT. Many of us do. Each is a distinct organization but work closely on certain issues.

Picture of CCDC's Board Vice-Chair Josh Winker speaking on a Microphone at the #SaveMedicaidRally

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