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Submitted by Julie Reiskin on May 3, 2013 - 6:47am

Individual donations have been critical to CCDC efforts to reach as many people as we can with advocacy services when they need it.  In 2012 donations were good enough to allow us to eliminate the membership fee so that people have access to the benefits of CCDC in spite of income restrictions.  This in turn increases our numbers statewide and makes us stronger and much more effective.

Last year, CCDC provided advocacy services to 234 people with all types of disabilities in 52 of Colorado’s 64 counties.  Advocacy can impact people at all stages of their life.  We might help someone in obtaining essential medical equipment or services necessary for employment or we could assist a child with disabilities and their families in obtaining essential health care services and medical equipment.  Although a lot of our support for the advocacy program comes from foundations primarily covering health care, your donations fill the gap by allowing us to address other critical (but unfunded) needs such as equal access to education, bullying, housing, and service and assistance animals.

Last year, the CCDC Legal Program completed over 3,400 hours of legal service for people with disabilities related to accessibility, effective communication, discrimination, and other issues.  Our clients could not pursue equal justice in Colorado without this program. This total number of hours does not include the countless hours spent on intake and helping people review their legal options.  Cases can take years with no guarantee of recovery of basic costs associated with seeking equality and compliance with the law.  Your donations to support the legal program ensure that those with no resources have legal protection of their rights.    

Your donations help ensure that those impacted by the policies and practices of government are a part of decision making – they fund getting the word out, and efforts to inform and organize.  This year, CCDC system advocates worked hard to secure the appointment of a strong advocate for people with disabilities to the Medical Services Board.  In spite of efforts to ignore our recommendations, Tim Fox, a strong CCDC ally and civil rights advocate extraordinaire was appointed.  In addition, we helped secure an 8.1% increase in HCBS payments – a pay increase for attendants that is essential in ensuring quality services.  Your donations make sure that our members have an opportunity to have a say about policies that affect their daily lives.

We still really need your help to continue our work.  We need those that care about these issues to support us.  Without your help, people with disabilities will have others speaking and making decisions for them. Without your help we do not have the resources to secure equal justice and basic access for Coloradans with disabilities.  We cannot fall back.  Please give what you are able.

There are several ways for an individual to give.  You can go to our website and follow the “Donate through ColoradoGives” button and give through the Community First Foundation.  You can also mail a donation to CCDC at 655 Broadway, Suite 775, Denver CO 80203.  If we can assist you, please contact our Development Director, Jerry Frangas by email or by calling 303-839-1775.  You can also become a member through our website too!

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