Uber/Lyft, they are here to stay --By Jaime Lewis

Submitted by Jose Torres-Vega on April 18, 2017 - 11:21am


When I first moved to Denver one of the interesting absences was taxi cabs.  I have been used to visiting cities where most of the congestion on the streets was caused by taxis.  The color yellow as far as the eye could see.  However, in Denver, taxi’s seemed to be for the elite.  I would see taxi’s used at the airport or downtown but the regular use in the suburbs seemed non-existent.

Lyft and Uber seemed to pop up out of nowhere.  Utilizing App ware on Smart phones or Androids has made it convenient for those who like using software to meet their transportation scheduling needs.  The idea, of someone working from their own vehicle and providing income for themselves, for transporting someone within the metro area, is appealing to many entrepreneurs.

I have to admit I was not very pleased when I realize that the new trend of transportation did not include providing service to me, a person who utilizes a power chair.  It became more frustrating when efforts to invite the industry to join transit talks at DRMAC were ignored.  We continue to reach out to these industries and get them to realize that the citizenship is made up of many different types of consumers including those with disabilities.

However, until that happens we need to make sure that those people with disabilities, that are capable of using this new form of transportation, are informed and educated on the service. 

The City of Centennial is making an assertive effort to ensure that their citizens are aware of how to use this form of transportation.  If you would like to check out their information concerning Uber/Lyft go online.



By Jaime Lewis,

CCDC Transit Advocacy Liaison

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