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Submitted by Kevin Williams on January 24, 2012 - 11:19am

CCDC and its Legal Program are very pleased to announce our latest "addition" to our legal team. As of January 1, 2012, Andrew Montoya joined CCDC's Legal Program as a full-time, salaried associate. Many of us already know Andrew as he came to us in 2005, working as our Legal Program Assistant with some crazy notion that he wanted to become a lawyer. Usually, people who work for lawyers decide early on not to join us. Not Andrew. He was possessed of the idea that litigation would be fun. Florida Coastal College of Law stole him (and Nikki) away from us to Jacksonville, Florida for his law tour of duty. But, of course, Denver is home for Andrew, and civil rights lawyer opportunities were vast. Andrew contacted me and said something like, "How about I work as a legal assistant at CCDC helping in representing clients who can't afford lawyers until we recover some fees. If we do, then CCDC can pay me a percentage of the time I worked. I'll study for the bar exam. If I pass, we can renegotiate."

I believe I accepted the offer before he was finished. This is much like the offer I made Julie in 1996.

Of course Andrew C. Montoya, Esq. sailed through the bar exam. We are very proud to have Andrew. He has always been an asset to our Legal Program, but, beyond that, he is doing excellent work as a lawyer.

We are all pleased to have Andrew on board now as a salaried, full-time attorney, even if he does choose to live on the Wyoming boarder. We are also pleased to see and spend time with Nikki, Audrey, and the rest of the family.

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