Join others on March 6, 2013 in a Day of Outreach Colorado (#DOOTdY) to help assure Nothing About Us Without Us, EVER (#NAUWUE) is more than just words 

Currently the Medical Services Board (MSB) has NO representation by People with Disabilities, even though they are regularly asked by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing to make important decisions that will impact People with Disabilities and their families.  This lack of representation can be easily remedied.  There are two vacancies on the MSB that have had two viable candidates with disabilities apply: Carrie Lucas, JD and Josh Winkler.  Applications have been submitted, but have not been acted upon.  The Colorado MSB must have people with disabilities appointed as members.  It is our #DOOTdY to urge the Governor to fast-track-fill these vacancies with qualified candidates with disabilities like Carrie and Josh.  #NAUWUE!

STRATEGY:  All outreach to Governor Hickenlooper, his staff and the Medical Services Board starts Wed AM and ends Wed PM.  The tactic is 24 hours of noise on Wednesday. Multiple voices, multiple messages, and multiple venues using email, phone calls, FACEBOOK and twitter.  #NAUWUE!

Sample Tweets 

Using the hash tags #NAUWUE and #DOOTdy allows us to follow our Day of Outreach tweets.

- PWD must be on Bds that decide their services! Don’t wait, Gov Hick appoint Carrie Lucas & Josh Winkler to the MSB today! #NAUWUE

- Whose life is it anyways? Please Gov Hick appoint qual dis reps Carrie Lucas & Josh Winkler to the Med Services Board today! #DOOTdY

- Med Srv Bd needs PWD serving before more policy decisions are made. Gov Hick Carrie Lucas & Josh Winkler are ready to serve today! #NAUWUE

Sample Facebook Posts, Email Text or Phone Message Language

Governor Hickenlooper and Boards & Commissions Director Pacheco

Governor John W Hickenlooper
303- 866-2471

Romaine Pacheco
Boards & Commissions Director

- Nothing about us without us EVER is more than just words. Colorado’s
Medical Services Board must not be expected to make policy decisions
without, at a minimum, the disability representative seat being filled.
Join me in calling, emailing and Facebook-ing the Governor TODAY asking him
to fast-track-fill the Medical Service Board vacancies with qualified
disability applicants Carrie Lucas, JD and Josh Winkler.

- Decisions about services and supports for people deserve to have direct
and practical input from that community. By asking that the Governor
fast-track-fill the Medical Service Board vacancies with qualified
disability applicants Carrie Lucas, JD and Josh Winkler’s you can assure
that people with disabilities input is provided. Call, Facebook, and email
the Governor today.

Sample Medical Services Board Email

ISSUE: The Medical Services Board has multiple disability related agenda
items to be decided at the Friday, March 8, 2013 meeting. However, there is
no representative from the disability community on that Board. Join me in
respectfully asking the members of the Medical Services Board to decline
passing disability related items until the Governor fills the Board’s
vacancies with qualified disability applicants like Carrie Lucas, JD and
Josh Winkler.

Dear [MSB Member Name] ,

I am writing to respectively ask you decline taking any final vote on any
rule impacting people with disabilities at all Medical Services Board
meetings until a representative of the disability community has been
appointed to the board.

On February 5, 2013 this request was given to HCPF leadership, including
Suzanne Brennan and Lorez Meinhold. Both were asked to expedite the
application of Carrie Lucas, JD. Ms. Lucas, a qualified candidate with
disabilities, was first told by Boards and Commissions that her application
would be reviewed in June. When she asked about the vacant seat needing to
be filled immediately she was told they first had to fill the Congressional
District 6 non-Democrat seat.

On February 20, 2013, Josh Winkler, a qualified candidate with
disabilities, applied for the Congressional District 6 non-Democrat seat.
 He too was told his application would be considered in June for a possible
July appointment. After he questioned the current vacancy in CD6 he was
told he was currently under consideration.

On March 4, 2013 Judith Carey sent an email seeking applicants for MSB
seats with no specifics requirements.

It has become apparent the HCPF does not recognize the significance of
asking you to make decisions about people with disabilities without such
representation on the MSB. Ms. Lucas and Mr. Winkler are qualified
candidates who are respected by the community; there is no reason for the
Governor's office or HCPF to hold up their appointments.

Please work with the disability community and decline voting on any rule
that impacts people with disabilities until the clients served by HCPF are
represented by appointment on the Medical Services Board.

Name, Address and Phone Number

Medical Services Board Contact Info

Jeffrey J. Cain, MD,
Brenda LaCombe,
719- 557-3883

Richard D. Markley,

Paul Melinkovich, MD,

Wendell Phillips,

Ginny Riley,

Donna M. Roberts, RN, BSN, DTR,

Michael Stahl, Vice President
970- 242-4400,

Mary Trujillo-Young, PhD, President,

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