Ramada (2601 Zuni St. Denver, CO)


CCDC advocate and employee Kenny Maestas booked an accessible room with a roll-in shower at the Ramada at 2601 Zuni St. Denver, CO. When Mr. Maestas arrived, he was told that the room was not available and that he would have to stay in a different room that did not have a roll-in shower. The Legal Program investigated and sent a demand letter to Ramada (U.S. Motels Downtown, Inc.). CCDC and Ramada were able to come to an agreement without having to resort to litigation.

The resulting agreement is attached below. Ramada has agreed to revise its reservation policy and modify 2 of its existing rooms into accessible rooms with roll-in showers. In addition, Ramada has agreed to install a curb ramp at the hotel's entrance. 

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